Environmental Education

Environmental Education or Sustainable Development Education, has the purpose of strengthening the educational process of individuals so that their lives have balance with the environment. This process is a pedagogical mechanism that teaches about the interaction between humans and ecosystems. It also creates awareness and pertinent solutions to current environmental problems caused by anthropogenic activities.

To ASCONA, environmental education is a vital process. This support has been developed with the community since 2006, when the association began to educate the residents of the community on different topics.

The association continues its efforts in different environmental education subjects such as nature conservation, acknowledgment of local biodiversity, solid waste management, water protection, and providing options against culturally important actions such as hunting and gold-digging.

Some of the most successful projects that have been developed are:

This program was held in the Corcovado School and Saturnino Cedeno. Our goal was to educate on the importance of conserving the Golfo Dulce.


The public library in Puerto Jimenez is a site that ASCONA has used to conduct workshops, encourage reading and art, present films, teach other languages, have the visit of artisans and guest artists, volunteers, and many other activities.


This was the first educational project in collaboration with the Guides and Scouts Group 150, RANA Group, ASCONA, and los Delfines restaurant.


This was the second educational project on solid waste management, and was carried out in three different schools in the Osa Peninsula.

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